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          Entering Xinshuo

          Address:No. 606, section 5, Zhongshan street, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province


          Sales Tel:13464243336


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          Another equipment to Suzhou, Jiangsu! Clean board palletizer recognize Xinshuo intelligence!


          As a domestic purification industry base, now Xinshuo intelligent purification plate palletizer has developed to dozens of customers in Suzhou, and its sales network is all over the country. Its products are constantly upgraded, its technology is mature and stable, and its after-sales service system is perfect, so more and more customers will recognize Xinshuo intelligent. We have independent intellectual property rights based on industrial automation technology, to quickly provide personalized solutions for customers as the main business model, realize the common growth of enterprise value and customer value. We always adhere to the principle of "people-oriented, customer first", and widely serve the labor-intensive small and medium-sized enterprises. We always adhere to: to provide customers with the most competitive products, make customers more competitive in the industry for business philosophy, continuous innovation, to create a high-quality work team, to provide customers with perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sale one-stop service.

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            Address: No. 606, section 5, Zhongshan street, Longcheng District, Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province
            Telephone:0421-3303888 Mobile phone:13464243336
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